Profile: Chris Peters, adviser

Colin Lieck

Omaha World-Herald Explorer

Most would give up, most would be different. Most would just become worse, and worse, and worse. It’s a vacuum really, but sometimes a small bit escapes from that vacuum, and when it does, it shines.

In the beginning he had the responsibility, he had no money, three little siblings and virtually an infinite amount of step-siblings. Usually this would be what a journalist reports on, but he is a journalist.

Chris Peters, now 25, would have fallen victim to a terrible life. He broke free, and at an early age, too.

At age 5, Chris was laughed at, made fun of, and ridiculed for something he is praised for now, his writing. That early experience just kept him going, and he hasn’t stopped since.

High school entertainment editor, college sports reporter, a job at Huskers Illustrated and now a member of the Omaha World-Herald for two and a half years. All with a single mother and a father in jail.

So if you read this, follow suit. Nobody pushed him especially hard. He just did it. Don’t say you can’t, just learn like him. More, and more, and more.


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