Profile: Emma Hampp

Logan Tunink

Omaha World-Herald Explorer

Emma Hampp moved from the port city of St. Louis to the rolling hills of Omaha.

Despite the breathtaking St. Louis skyline, Emma says that she enjoys it here. She has lived in Omaha for nine years, ever since her father got a job opportunity here.

She was inspired to be in this program because of her love for writing and the work of reporters across the pond.

A drug in England was being tested on pregnant patients at hospitals but the people performing the tests were getting away with it. However, it was journalists who were able to figure out what was really happening. Those journalists inspired Emma and many others as well.

Another part of who she is inspired Emma to be at the Omaha World-Herald too: her love for writing. Emma is a senior in high school and loves to read and write.

Although currently undecided in her future career path, she would love nothing more than to be an author.


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