Profile: Holly Rooney

Angela Gahan

Omaha World-Herald Explorer

People often discover their passion after years of self-discovery. For Holly Rooney, she knew she loved softball when she was only seven years old.

Rooney, now 17, was inspired to pick up a bat after watching her older brother play baseball. Many of her friends joined a softball league at the YMCA, and Rooney decided to play with them.

From the early stages of learning the game to winning tournaments, Rooney has shown a passion and drive that fuels her competitiveness. Rooney was only in fifth grade when she switched from playing softball as a hobby to a more competitive pastime.

She has been playing with the Nebraska Quakes for about 10 years. Although she has switched coaches a couple of times, she has always found what works best for her.

“A lot of coaches yell at me, and I don’t do well with that,” Rooney said. “I need a coach who can teach me.”

Despite switching teams a couple of times, Rooney has found lifelong friends through playing softball. Her team is close and helps each other manage the stress of the game by joking around during practices or games.


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