Profile: Kalli Fees

Kalli Fees

Leigha Little

Omaha World-Herald Explorer

Proven by a thick stack of comics, from Marvel to DC, Kalli Fees has read it all.

The combination of writing and drawing has always drawn Kalli in. As a 17-year-old in Omaha, she looks to her stack of graphic novels and a pencil and paper to fill her spare time. She even utilizes these talents digitally.

“I used to draw when I was little and found I had a knack for graphic design,” she said.

Kalli’s uncle got her interested in comic books, which led to her creating comics of her own.

“My uncle is into everything,” she said.

Kalli and her uncle are close, and his love for comics rubbed off on her as well.

With a love for manga and superhero stories plus a talent for writing and drawing, Kalli will take her passions a step further at Central College in Kansas.


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