Profile: Kimberly Mendoza

Kimberly Mendoza

Magdalena Vidal

Omaha World-Herald Explorer

Someone has to be really committed to writing to drive an hour and 45 minutes for a journalism course.

Kimberly Mendoza, 16, is a junior at the Columbus High School. She has loved writing since she was a little girl.

“I would basically express myself through words,” she said.

She also said that she would just write, about whatever, whenever. Just write about anything that came to her mind.

Mendoza’s passion for writing didn’t stop.

In seventh grade she wrote a fan fiction story about the band One Direction. Mendoza added a hook ending to the story, which she loves to use. Then she showed the story to her friends. She was later bombarded with questions about what would happen next.

Preferences are something Mendoza doesn’t really have when it comes to writing. She likes it all.

Mendoza mentioned that she likes writing romance and scary stories. She also said she would write about entertainment, sports or politics for a newspaper. She said she likes to write about “anything that I can think about.”


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