Profile: Zoey Huckins

Zoey Huckins

Kate Smith

Omaha World-Herald Explorer

Zoey Huckins followed a trail of words, and ended up here.

She always has her nose in a book, and chances are its “The Shadow Society.” Her first piece of fiction was written for her ninth grade World Literature class, and featured a girl fighting cancer.

“The idea just came to me. She was completely calm, and had accepted her condition,” Huckins said.

This year, as a sophomore, her time is consumed with homework, but it’s not all bad. Most of it consists of reading assignments or writing prompts from her British Literature class. She even discovered theatre in the form of Julius Caesar.

“I’ve always loved to write, and I want to continue. I’m actually interested in script writing,” Huckins said.

The journey started with “The Shadow Society,” passed by her own piece, took her through the world of Julius Caesar, and led Huckins here. To her passion.


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