Profile: Magdalena Vidal

Kimberly Mendoza

Omaha World-Herald Explorer

Many people are into the entertainment business, while others are not.

Magdalena Vidal is among those who loves it.

Magdalena, soon to be 16, is from Chile. She now lives in Omaha and takes online schooling. She is interested in art, photography, crafts, and playing with makeup.

She has big dreams. She has gone from aspiring to be a teacher, like her older sister, to longing to be a rock star, like Hannah Montana.

Although her dreams always seem to change, there is one thing she is certain she wants to be, and that is a professional writer. She has written stories about anything that has come into her mind.

Along with being a writer, Vidal would like to produce movies and television shows. When she was a little girl, she would grab a camera or phone and make short movies with her cousins.

She would like to bring her stories to life and make a movie or TV show out of them. She would love to show people what she is capable of doing in the near future.

With a talent like hers, she might even create something for the silver screen someday.


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