Video: Exploring students battle nerves and report live from the St. Patty’s Day parade

By Chris Peters

World-Herald Exploring Adviser

Omaha World-Herald Exploring Program students reported live from the field at the St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 10, 2018, experiencing the nerves and fun of approaching strangers and capturing their stories.


Video: Exploring students report at the Henry Doorly Zoo

Chris Peters
Omaha World-Herald Exploring Adviser

Students in the Omaha World-Herald Exploring program visited the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium on March 25, interviewing a trio of zookeepers in a press conference-style atmosphere.

The students then broke into small group interviews with zookeepers and, finally, watched a zookeeper explain how she uses animals such as opossums for education in the Wildlife Kingdom Pavilion.

Students had the opportunity to interview, write a story, take photographs, shoot video and publish to social media as a means of getting firsthand experience in journalism.